Establishing California Residency for Tuition Purposes

Every entering student is classified as a resident or non-resident of California for tuition purposes. U.S. citizens and permanent residents who have come to UC Santa Barbara from outside the state of California should establish California residency as soon as possible through the Office of the Registrar. If the appropriate steps have been taken students should obtain California residency by the beginning of their second year.

Information on requirements and procedures for establishing legal California residency can be found at the Office of the Registrar's Establishing California Residency for Fee Purposes or by contacting the Campus Residency Deputy, Office of the Registrar at, 805-893-3033, or 1105 Student Affairs and Administrative Services Building.

Registration Fees and Financial Planning

For more information regarding fee payment plans please see Business and Financial Services Payment Plans. You may also consult a customer service representative at the Central Cashier's Office, Student Affairs and Administrative Services Building (SAASB) 1212. The Payment Plan Agreement Form is available online.

A detailed assessment of the costs for the current academic year may be found in the Office of the Registrar's Graduate Student Quarterly Fees and Expenses webpage, which gives a summary of basic tuition, fees, and fee credits (i.e., graduate student fee remission for academic appointees, and non-resident supplemental tuition reduction).

If you have received your bill for tuition and fees, and you know which fee offsets you will receive (Partial Fee Remission, paid health insurance, and Nonresident Supplemental Tuition Reduction), determine your balance by using the fee structure table for California residents and nonresidents. Pay the balance of your fees and/or tuition at the Cashier's Office or online by using Gaucho e-Bill.

  • If you qualify for Fee Remission as a Teaching Assistant, Associate, Graduate Student Researcher, Reader, or Remedial Tutor: A hiring department's staff member now enters the appointment into UCPath which then GradPoint Financial uses to determine fee remission eligibility.
  • If you are receiving a departmental fellowship: Fellowship commitments are processed after the department enters and approves them on GradPoint Financial.  
  • If you are receiving a central (University) fellowship: Refer to your Graduate Division award notification letter.
  • If you are receiving an extramural fellowship: The processing of fee and/or tuition credits depends on the nature of the fellowship.
  • If you qualify for Nonresident Tuition Reduction: This service is not a function of Graduate Division. It is a reduced assessment of tuition that is administered by the Office of the Registrar based on information that is provided by the Academic Services section of Graduate Division. The Nonresident Tuition Reduction is for graduate doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy, subject to the understanding that (1) a graduate doctoral student may receive the reduced nonresident tuition rate for a maximum of three years, and (2) any such student who continues to be enrolled or who re-enrolls after receiving the reduced fee for three years will be charged the full nonresident tuition rate that is in effect at that time.

There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to pay your fees and/or tuition by the late payment deadline. However, you must establish "fees paid" status by the deadline in order to avoid a late charge and protect the classes for which you have registered. In such an instance, we recommend that you enroll in a fee payment plan. The fee is $25. Note that you must pay for your graduate student health insurance before you can take the payment plan option.

Graduate Student Fee Remission

With respect to ASE Partial Fee Remission for TAs, Readers, Tutors/Remedial Tutors, and other eligible Academic Student Employees at appointments of at least 25%, the current Collective Bargaining Agreement stipulates that the University shall provide a Partial Fee Remission of tuition, student service fee, and campus-based fees. Please refer to the UAW and UC Agreement for additional information. The remissions quoted above are consistent with the terms of the current contract. Please be aware that future wages, terms, and conditions are subject to modification based on the collective bargaining process.

Students whose fees are paid through an extramural fellowship may not be eligible for this program. Teaching Assistants, Associates, Tutors, Remedial Tutors, and Readers whose appointments total at least 25%, and GSRs whose appointments total at least 25% but less than 35%, and meet all other criteria are eligible for partial fee remission and graduate student health insurance (UCSHIP) credit. GSRs who are appointed at least 35% and meet all other criteria qualify for a full fee remission and UCSHIP credit.

For detailed fee remission information, please see the Academic Appointments Fee and Tuition Remission section.

Reduced Nonresident Tuition For Doctoral Candidates

Effective Fall 2006, the quarterly nonresident tuition fee is reduced by 100% for graduate doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy. The waiver period is for nine registered quarters, and begins with the first academic quarter following advancement to candidacy. ‚ÄčA student who continues to be enrolled or who re-enrolls nine registered quarters after advancing to candidacy will be charged the full nonresident rate in effect at the time.