The Filing Leave of Absence (LOA) enables graduate students who have fulfilled all degree requirements except the final examination and filing of the master’s thesis, doctoral dissertation, supporting document (DMA students), or completion of master’s comprehensive examination or project to take a Filing LOA in lieu of registering. All research and a substantial portion of the thesis/dissertation/DMA supporting document must be drafted prior to the Filing leave quarter. 

Students on leave of absence are not registered students and therefore relinquish most student privileges and resources such as extensive use of faculty time.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Have not been on approved Filing Leave in the past,
  • Must have been registered (enrolled in units) the preceding academic quarter. 
  • If on approved personal leave or lapsed spring quarter, students must register in a minimum of one unit during one  Summer Session to be eligible for Fall quarter filing leave. 
  • Research associated with the final degree milestone must be completed, and thesis/dissertation/supporting document must be substantially drafted, and
  • Must be a terminal master’s degree student or
  • Must be a doctoral degree student

Application Requirements

Paying the Filing Fee

The non-refundable Filing Fee is paid at the time of degree completion. The fee, one-half of the Student Services Fee, is charged to your BARC account. 

Students filing a thesis/dissertation/DMA document:
You will pay the filing fee at the time you file your thesis/dissertation/DMA document with the Graduate Division.

Students completing a master's degree by exam or project:
You will pay the filing fee at the time you complete your exam or project.

If you do not complete your degree during the Filing Leave quarter, you do not pay the Filing Fee; you will need to register and pay full fees for the next quarter in order to have your degree awarded.